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 Multiply Your Poker Winnings

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PostSubject: Multiply Your Poker Winnings   Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:23 pm

This bug is easy to exploit, but hard to exploit CONTINUOUSLY.

1. Save your game near any poker table.
2. Play poker.
3. Go "all-in" immediately, and press RB to "Skip to your turn."
4. Did you win? If so, press B (to exit) then A (to confirm) VERY QUICKLY and as many times as you can (B, A, B, A, B, A). If not, load your game and repeat steps 2-4.

If done correctly you should hear the sound effect for leaving the poker game multiple times, and, if you wait a brief period, you will notice that your winnings (or even the $25 ante you gave to sit down) are given to you the same multiple of times you managed to press B, A before actually standing up. If you manage to out 2 people (all-in will remove players from the table) that's 75$ at the very start of the game given to your wallet up to 4 times!
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Multiply Your Poker Winnings
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