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 Rebuilding Rome Rewards

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PostSubject: Rebuilding Rome Rewards   Sat Aug 13, 2011 6:40 am

For the Rebuilding Rome minigame you pay cash to repair buildings. Here are the rewards for your philanthropy.

Restore 4 Tailor Shops - Knife Belt Upgrade
Restore 4 Tailor Shops - Medicine Pouch Upgrade
Restore 5 Blacksmiths - Cavalieri Mace / Butcher Knife
Restore 8 Tailor Shops - Knife Belt Upgrade
Restore 8 Tailor Shops - Poison Vial Upgrade
Restore 10 Blacksmiths - Spadone Longsword
Respawning Battle Horse - Restore all 9 Stables
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Rebuilding Rome Rewards
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